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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeThu Mar 27, 2008 11:24 pm

What is to follow is a number of rules, pleading and guidelines of things I want, hope and wish that you follow these rules as well as you can. I know there might be a lot of reading, but this is not to restrict you, but to give everyone a chance to have a good time. Sometimes what you might find entertaining, others can find displeasant. Therefore are these rules enforced as well as I can. Please take yourself the few minutes to read them trough.

- Due to several discussions I have decided to add this point into the rules. This is the restrictions of powers upon character creation. Plese note that you are allowed to improve the strength of your character troughout the roleplay with both power and gear. Please though, upon character creation follow these rules:
1. The destructive scale of your character must NOT exceed the power of a blast capable of breaking down a larger building (This being estimated 3 floors and several large rooms length)
2. The renewal scale of your character must NOT exceed the healing power of renewing average wounds and heal them (This being estimated healing harsh burnt damage, relativly bad cuts, curses and mental injuries). What you will NOT be able to heal as you start, are things such as: Seperated limbs, impales, damaged organs and mental breakdowns.
3. The distance scale of your character is partly common sense. Teleportation, spells, shooting range and such must NOT be more than perhaps city-range. This rule does not apply magicians such as: Ritualists, Voodoo and Spiritualists. This due to the fact that some of their spells take somewhat long time to cast and often require material or spellbooks to do so. These exceptions will hopefully not be abused. Do remember that we are here to have a good time.
4. The summoning scale of your character is relativly low. You may summon a lesser army in exchange for a high energy cost, but you are not allowed to summon powerhouses. You may summon a powerful minion, but this at the same cost as summoning a lesser, weak army and your character in himself will not be able to do much summoning. By summon lesser beings in low numbers, your character will remain at energetic health and will be capable of fighting by himself. Remember, the more in number or power you summon, the more strength they require from the summoner. A few of the classes this applies to is: Necromancers, druids, summoners, wizards and arcanists.
5. The endurance scale of your character vary. It is based on your class, race and background. An undead has several advantages, such as resistance to deseises and starvation, but an undead is in most cases also rather slim and can not take much beating. A barbarian, armored cleric or a knight has a larger amount of physical protection but are more vulnerable to mental and biological attacks than for example an undead or a demon. Size also matter in this case. The larger your character is, the more beating he can take. While for example a pixie can be done for in one blow, a giant can take massive amounts of damage. Do remember that while a giant can take much damage, he is far from as agile and quick as a pixie and being endurant is in his case not much of an advantage, since he is slow and his endurance is required due to his disability to defend himself at such a level as a swift pixie.
6. The physical strength scale is very much like the endurance. It is based on class, race, background and size. As your character scale in size, so does the physical strength. While a trained knight with enchanted muscles for example can at top punch trough brick walls and rip plate into pieces, a giant can crumble a house.
7. The BALANCE! Very important. Please keep in mind that one characters weakness is another characters strength. If your knight has vast endurance, please do not make him a master magiciant. For if you do, those that make magiciants with lesser endurance will not have as good a time as you might have. Allow yourself your weaknesses and remain with ONE class per character.

Rules specificly for this roleplay:

- The Magi and the Barbarians have a certain level of hostility, above that of other nations against eachother. They as good as constantly plots against eachother, while the Serene have no set enemies but an increased hostility towards the Exiled. The Exiled fights a worldwide war as they are trying to regain their right to be in the rest of the world, or possibly are they trying to achieve world domination.
- The Exile is commonly HATED by all other nations. Only a few exceptions are there and the majority of these exceptions are either the very young, or the elder ones that fought the early time of the war.
- Depending on your nation, you can not come and go wherever you want. Outside the enchanted forest there is a war, so please act like that. A barbarian can for example not walk freely in the land of the wizards if encountering a patrol. An exile has trouble anywhere that is not the Enchanted Forest or his/her own nation. Only with a Parchment of Free Passage can a person walk freely, and in some cases barely even then, depending on nation and arts of magic/fighting.
- Undeads, Vampires, demons and similar are for the less cunning always seen as Exiles, even though the case might not be so.
- Any race can be anything, but depending on their race will they be more or less effective at different things. While for example an undead is better at magic, an orc is better at physical activities.

General Roleplaying Rules of this Forum:
- Try to maintain the illusion of the roleplay by staying in-character whenever possible. Withhold out of character comments until absolutely necessary

- If you discuss the game with other players out of character, I will not allow my character to be influenced by this knowledge without express permission of the other players. I will take the time to allow my character to learn these things on his or her own during the course of the game.

- Consider the difference between you and your character as much as possible. Understand that in most cases, your character is not you.

- Stay away from God-Modding. This is not only a character that has no weaknesses, but also is when a person leaves no options for another character. You must at all point allow options for the counter part (Unless agreed otherwise), or it will end up boring.

- Explicit sexual intercourse, offensive behaviour in different ways and pornographic descriptions are not allowed. Do not confuse this with romance and heated moments. Kissing, sensual behaviour and romantic moments with heat and well descriptions are still allowed.

- Consider that the game does not circle around you and your character. Understand that it is a game and it is not about winning or losing, but about playing and enjoying yourself. Also consider that there are more people playing than just you, and that your happiness is not the only thing that matter.

- It is not personal. It is roleplaying. Do not confuse the two.

What not to do in Roleplaying!:
(See this as more of a guideline and a pleading from my side, rather than a rule)

Taking something that you as a player have knowledge of and allowing your character to know, without rational IC reason.

Have an undefeatable weapon, an indomitable defense. This is a strong point with many side options. I hope you know it from before.

Take it to PM. No need to argue at all, if RP is done correctly and respect is given to everyone.

Use unbalanced characters.
Your character has amazing abilities, but no weaknesses?

Use uninteresting characters.
Having no personality or definitive qualities to the character.

Use txt-tlk.
omg u hav a prblm wit txttalk?!!

Use a style inconsistent with the current play.
If someone is RPing in real time chat style, you post para style, or even essay style. And vice versa.
- Mixing your verb tenses also falls under this category. If play is currently in past tense, do not use present or future tense in your writing. If it is third person, do not use first, and in reverse, too.
- Third person, past tense is the standard.

Fail to play the character.
If your character is afraid of insects, fail to make them react appropriately to a cobweb that is found in a room she enters.

Fail to engage potential players.
Failure to roleplay in a way that provides an opportunity for other players to jump in.

Force actions upon other players.
Referred to as non-orthodox, roleplay in a manner where another player has no choice but to accept an action.

Ignore actions made by other players.
If someone is in the game, refuse to acknowledge someone's post without previous provocation.

Mix Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC).
When speaking IC, refer to things such as the forum, a chat, a room, an instant messenger, in the OOC sense. While OOC, refer to your character in the first person...

Talk OOC in the roleplay.
Hold an OOC conversation in the same place as the roleplay.
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