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 Who ARE you?

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PostSubject: Who ARE you?   Who ARE you? Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2008 4:08 am

I figured that if I really wished to make friends here, I'd make myself more social.

So here we are! ^_^

This is a thread to post about YOU.
Who you are, what you like, dislike etc. etc.


I'm a fifteen year old kid who lives in South Carolina, though I originally hail from Cardiff, Wales. I lived in Florida for five years, Alabama for five, and Cardiff for five.
I live with my grandparents, as my mother is on probation and I've no idea who my sire is.
I am a writer, and I have three books already published, though they aren't going on market anytime soon. I also am a lyricist, and vocalist for the band 'Dare To Dream'.
Now, this will sound like the MOST nerdiest thing to ever say, but if any of you have read 'Eragon' and 'Eldest', then you are familiar with the Elve's way of life. Well, I've kind of adopted that into mine own.
I don't eat meat, I'm vain to a certain extent, I'm calm, collected, and rarely let my feelings show. By today's standards, I'm an 'Uber-nerd', but I find that life like this is a lot less stressful.

I have a very large pet peeve to stupidity and ignorance. Those who are to strongly born to their beliefs and won't listen to a word from anyone else is one, or someone who is just so utterly... idiotic that they fail to comprehend, thus wasting my time trying to explain it to them.
Anyway, think what you will of me, I don't mind, and I'm open to any and all criticisms. ^_^

Horses/Horseback riding
Animals in general
Eragon, Eldest, and soon to be Brisingr
Stride Gum
Did I mention music? It's a big inluence of mine.
The ocean
Mountains, hills, valleys... The entire visage of Ireland and Wales.
Vampire: The Masquerade
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I-II

Meat(I'm not going to be the stereotypical PETA person, I don't mind if it's eaten in front of me, it just isn't for me.)
Tomatos(Odd for a vegitarian, no?)
Root beer

That's me, and I hope to learn about all of you, in turn. ^_^
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Who ARE you?
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