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 Ideas to consider

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PostSubject: Ideas to consider   Ideas to consider Icon_minitimeWed Sep 18, 2013 9:52 pm

Star Wars (Duh) - Master/Apprentice, Bounty Hunter/Employer, etc. etc. I'm always up to that, no matter what.

Warcraft/Diablo - An original story, but not necessarily with OCs.

Steampunk (Post-apocalyptic) - In which I'd play an inventor/engineer/scavenger.

Generic post-apocalyptic story - I'd probably end up playing a raider, or some other sort of criminal.

Parody - Making a parody of something, or a twist of it. Say, Portal but with a human(oid) Glados, or some fancy show or movie, like Monster's Inc, Avatar, or some game or movie cross-over. This is pretty broad, and same as with any of the other alternatives, will require at least brief discussion.

Fantasy - The traditional fantasy adventure, though probably not as isolated world-wise as previous has been. Being part of a court, working at a tavern, or something else that will bring more to the role-play than chatting between two or three characters, and the occasional incident. Less drama, more action.
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Keyter Derton
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas to consider   Ideas to consider Icon_minitimeThu Sep 19, 2013 12:09 am

And then, all of a sudden, Indifference comes back just as I am about to reply. Well, if you want to move back over there I won't mind Razz


Star Wars actually sounds a little interesting. Master / apprentice does sound like an interesting idea that would be kinda neat to play out. Especially if we're jedi, what with the whole forbidden love concept as well. I'd take the apprentice role I guess, as you know more about SW than I do ;P

Warcraft/Diablo I am not quite that interested in

Post-apocalypse, either generic or steampunk, likewise sounds cool. I think the steampunk one would be the more interesting one, and I suppose I'd be the companion / guardian of the inventor/engineer/scavanger.

Parody... Moving on.

I wouldn't mind actually playing a fantasy story where we finally manage to go and do something instead of letting it all fizzle out like before Razz We could take part of the war that threatens to tear the whole land apart, desperately leading the forces of good to victory... Or do we actually lead the forces of evil towards total domination? =o
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Ideas to consider
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