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 The Enchanted Forest [RP Zone, OPEN]

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The Enchanted Forest [RP Zone, OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: The Enchanted Forest [RP Zone, OPEN]   The Enchanted Forest [RP Zone, OPEN] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2008 12:34 am

The Enchanted Forest

This nation is a rogue nation without a true ruler. There are majors for every town and commander for the few groups of soldiers that patrol this. It is rumored though that the Goddess of peace safeguards the nation with all her might in person, disguised as a mortal with the power to see all and pass judgement at will. This could be the reason that it was selected the sanctuary of the world, as any person Exile or Serene is allowed to walk this forest without having to fear for their lives. It is said that those who take the course of violence in this land will be haunted by bad luck for whatever remaining time that person spend in the enchanted forest after his actions.

The Enchanted Forest is a round nation, located in the center of the world, between all other nations. The borders are magical walls, preventing any type of "attacks" from making impact as well as any type of projectile from passing trough. The walls are invisible and any person can walk straight trough them. The way you can tell that you are on the border line, is because the ground is shifting from one type of ground to another. The exact line is impossible to find with your eyes alone.

What does it look like?

The Enchanted Forest [RP Zone, OPEN] MAGIC_FOREST_by_JTphoto

The Enchanted Forest is a dense forest with few paths other than the main roads. It is the one place in the world that is never applied by bad weather. The worst weather possible in the enchanted forest is a cloudy day and even that is a rare thing to see. Of course, at night it is said that the peace sleeps and it often rains during the nights. This of course grants a beautiful glimmering sight of the landscape, wet leaves and beautiful green moss. The cities are very small and only one place can actually be called a city, or perhaps a village even. This place has all the necessary stuff to actually live near it. A tavern, houses and stores of different kinds. No arm dealers though.

From the central village, there is one head road leading to each of the capital citys in the five nations.

Who lives here?

All kind of people live here. Wanderers from all nations and all kind of people, both warriors and farmers. The ruler is no specific, but it is said that the Goddess of Peace rule. Of course, in the eyes of most, this is a myth. However, in the center of this nation, there is a tavern. A tavern by the name Sanctuary, where adventurers come and spread tales. The tavern where everything is free. It is said that it was the first building in the whole world to be built and that it was built by the Gods. Those who place foot in the tavern are told to gain an immense regeneration ability and heal as good as any kind of sickness and wound in only one nights rest.
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The Enchanted Forest [RP Zone, OPEN]
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