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 The Magi Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]

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PostSubject: The Magi Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   The Magi Nation [RP Zone, OPEN] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2008 2:50 am

A nation with magical buildings, massive fields and meadows, dense forests and high mountains is the home of the Magis. The Magi nation is a nation filled with magical users. A common belief among these people is that the other races are not pure and that magic is the one true path. This nation holds many types of magical users, for example: Wizards, Elementalists, Summoners, Arcanists, Conjurers, Diviners, Enchanters, Illusionists, Clerics, Runers, Mystics and many more. The Magis believe little in physical work, as they do most of their work with the use of magic of different kinds. They even write books with magic. Their troops are often armored with magical equipment.

Their current ruler is Queen Eliza, a mighty summoner.

What does it look like?

The Magi Nation [RP Zone, OPEN] Welcome_to_Paradise_by_Suirebit

The outer lines of the nation is purely desert, but a number of miles into the land will you start finding grass. In the core of the nation will you find massive peaks of mountain, beautiful lakes, magnificent forests and greatest of all: The cities. The majority of the larger cities are built entirely on magic. Instead of traveling by foot between different cities, you use the teleports designated in each city to all others. The buildings in the cities are held together by arcane magic and a core crystal in each city that provides a continuing flow of magic that keeps it all intact.

The capital city is named Articus and is located on top of a big mountain that is floating up in the clouds. This is only accessable by fligth or portal from other cities. This is also the residence of Queen Eliza.
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PostSubject: Re: The Magi Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   The Magi Nation [RP Zone, OPEN] Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2008 3:21 am

Thug 1: Come on, babe. All we want is to see your face and have a little fun.
Thug 2: She is probably shitless ugly, that would explain the mask.

The thugs, four of them pushed her forth and back, back and forth between eachother. Their laughter echoed her head from their hidden faces behind their bandit masks. What bandit at their senses would raid the forest of the Magi? After having circled between the four as they pushed her for more circles than she could count for, she spun to the ground with a dizzy pounding at her head. Brushing her formerly clean hands along the ground, she gave out a whine from the aching that only minutes ago was recently cleaned hands. This was the first sound she had discharged in days and on her knees she for reasons she could not explain to herself, she thought she was safe.

The sudden impact at her upper torso and the concequental ache that not only burnt her chest but threw her onto her back, sliding trough the gravel and scraped up even more injuries. This time, she coughed. The thugs laughed and Showa had figured out how one of the thugs was an elementalist, having enforced his foot with the strength of fire and made the scorching impact at her upper torso.

Thug 3: Now lets see what hides behind the mask.
Thug 2: Yeah, this weaking of a Magi is not fighting back anyway.
Thug 3: Do not worry, darlin', it will be over soon. We just want some fun.

The third thug grabbed her mask with roughness and ripped it of her face. She gave out a whine as it was attached with a leather band around her head which he simply ripped apart with plain force, seperating the band from the mask. What grins covered the four thugs did slowly face as they glanced at the girl's face.

Showa: Do not worry, darlin', it will be over soon. I just want some fun.

She imitated the voice of the third thug with perfection. Her face was an exact copy of his and she grinned as both he and the other thugs started backing away from the girl. She was in no condition to get up but with what strength she had remaining she could maintain the illusion and add a few extra tricks to the sauce. Suddenly, before the very own eyes of the thugs did all trees nearby disappear in a fading way. Not even the stump of a tree remained and after moments of confusion and panic did the thugs start running. It did not take many seconds until all four had knocked themselves unconcious by hitting a tree, a rock or something else that Showa had hidden.

She crawled along the ground, lacking the strength to stand up. She grabbed the mask of hers and leaning up against a now fully existant tree she started fixing her mask. The schyte of of hers was conveniently dropped by her side and she with care pulled it closer to herself.
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The Magi Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]
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