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 The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]

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PostSubject: The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2008 1:16 am

The thypical general nation, with the fields, medows, forests and mountains. Massive cities, huge walls, big castles and citadels. Kings and queens, farmers and troops in fancy formations with shiny armors. The imperials have the largest population of people in the world and are basically the thypical medieval type. A touch of cliché and this is the primary human habited area. This nation too has magical users, just like the others, only thing being that these are perhaps even less dependant to it than the barbarians.

Their current ruler is named Thedo Leoric the 13th.

What does it look like?

The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN] Alnwick_Castle_06

Medows, forests and mountains wide. A large number of cities with stone buildings, outposts and castles. Daily patrols all over the kingdom over fields of greens, forests of both gray and green and the snowy hilltops. Few buildings and locations of magic will be found, as the Imperials do not rely in magic. Not even magical creatures are allowed a place of their own. It is said that the kingdom is runned by an iron glove, but the people in the nation seem happy.

The capital city is named Imperial City Thedo, named after the great king Thedo Leoric the 5th, the king who was also known as The warrioir king. The walls of the city are over a kilometer high and the city inside the massive walls have many miles radius from the center.
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PostSubject: Re: The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2008 1:33 am

Zavious crept among the night forest, creeping through the bushes, whispering to himself "yess hmmmmm, smells good that.....would you agree my friend? ssss", speaking to his sword in an incredibly posh and carefully toned voice most peculier that did not fit one of his form, he held the blade in front of him as he slowly walked forwards, he was in a mood for hunting, human flesh would do, breathing incredibly heavily as he whispered "hmm the snap of his bones will ring in my ears like a chorus of angels hahahahaa ahem enough of that Zavious, we dont want the meat to escape". Ahead in the clearing a young fisherman was casting out his rod into a small lake, likely home to only a few fish but enough for a young man to feed himself, Jhonson whistled to himself, "hmm nice pickings today, come on me old beauties, take the bait" he said so while keeping his rod steady, his mind swam fondly of his children sitting around eating the fish he had worked for, resting back in his chair while Sandra his wife and he spoke of days to come, and their dreams of moving into a larger house. Zavious sat for a while, listening to the man, smiling but staring, he did not understand emotions of others very much for sure, and he sat in fascination quietly in the bushes, thinking to himself for the moment he had, but then his bloodthirst kicked in.

Zavious leapt forth, "flessshhhh!!!!" he yelled, breaking all the quietness of the lake, the man leapt but in the second his rod crashed in the water and he turned half the way round the cold metal smashed through his stomach, the outer joints breaking through his ribs and snaping them outwards, coming out from his skin at the sides. "we play a game you and I, its called the screaming feast, i love it, basically, the rules are that you scream heheehe and i feast, quite simple" the man had already started screaming, as Zavious finished the last words and began slowly pulling the bones out, the mans flesh was stripped neatly by the serrated and sharp edges of Zavious' blade, he was a neat being for one so maddened and he chuckled to himself as he sucked the bones of their goodness, "hmm quite fresh" the man was in a frozen motion, still alive yet the agony turned him numb and he could only watch until finally the blade eased his head off his shoulders, Zavious skilled movement of the blade sent the head falling which Zavious snatched from falling to the ground, his incredibly paranoid mind thinking something, even the earth itself will swallow the head if it fell, he cuddled it lovingly, "what nice eyes you have my friend, however that look is most unbecoming of you", he licked his cold pale hands and pushed them down the hair of the man, "much better, you should smile now you have a much nicer look about you", he wheezed with laugher before biting a hole in the forehead, and sucking the brain matter noisily, guzzling almost at the flesh as the eyes went up into the head, he drained them of moisture first before dropping the head into the fishermans bag.

"most delicious, most delicious indeed, now wasnt that the most fun of games" he grinned
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Drĉus Maximov
Drĉus Maximov

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PostSubject: Re: The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN] Icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2008 7:20 pm

Drĉus sat in the forested outskirts of the Imperial nation, enjoying the very prospect of some peace. For countless weeks, he and his wolf, Kumori, had managed to do naught but run bounties for King Leoric, and he was beyond wiped out.

"Former Knight, now a bounty hunter... I think he's overworking us on purpose, Kumori..."

The wolf raised his head, looking only momentarily at Drĉus before lowering his hed once again and closing his eyes, letting out a very small breath of exhaustion himself.

The breeze passing through was most welcome in the heat of the day. Even in the shade of the treetops, it was excruciatingly hot today to the point that Drĉus was actually sweating a bit... A surprising revelation, as he had not perspired in higher temperatures than these over the course of the last seven years...

"I must be coming down with something..."

Kumori twitched a bit, apparently dreaming of something. As Drĉus dropped from the tree and landed with a soft thud next to the wolf, Kumori opened one eye and looked at him agitatively.

Drĉus stretched a bit, enjoying the peaceful evening until he heard someone clear their throat just behind him.

"Er... Excuse me, sir, are you Drĉus, the King's bounty hunter?"

Drĉus turned, finding a spindly teenaged boy with a tattered paper in his hand asking the question. "And what if I am? To whom am I replying?"

"I have direct order from the King himself to pass this along to you as your next bounty. You've been given one month to gather the head or you are to be exiled."

Drĉus smirked a bit. "So no pressure, then... Great. Alright, kid, head back, tell the King I will either have his bounty on time, or I'll tattoo the mark of the exile on my back myself."

The kid ran off, watched by Drĉus and Kumori, who now looked agitatedly at Drĉus. "What? Don't give me that look. He didn't say he'd exile you, too. Let's see, then..." He opened the paper to see what it was that he was up against. "Hm... Exile... Oh, that's new, a changeling... Hm, shame it doesn't have anymore detail than that... Oh well, I'm sure we can find him based on the description alone..."

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PostSubject: Re: The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]   The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN] Icon_minitime

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The Imperial Nation [RP Zone, OPEN]
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